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Luxurious Shearling Throws

Batterbury’s luxurious Toscana shearling bed throws are made from off-cuts of the very finest, silkiest Toscana wool fleeces, which we source from designer fashion houses.  Toscana sheep can be found in the Mediterranean area and their ultra-soft, lightweight, sleek woollen fleeces have long been used in fashion for shearling coats and gilets.   We carefully sew the off-cuts together to make our sumptuously soft throws, which are fabulous for beds, sofas and chalets.  They can be made in sizes large enough for even the widest beds, and come in a wide range of colours.  Each throw is unique in character and can be unlined or smartly lined with cotton or satin.  Our stock changes regularly according to what shearling off cuts are available.  Please contact us to see what we currently have in stock as we often have a wider selection of colours than can be viewed on our website.

Our throws are priced according to size, and whether they unlined or lined.

An approximate price range is from £500 to £1,500. Bespoke sizes and linings are also available.

Sofa/children’s Bed 180 x 120cm
Sofa Large 190 x 160cm
Double 210 x 180cm
Large Double 240 x 180cm
Emperor Bedcover 3m x 2m

The throws can be ordered on line or seen at our showroom in a 17th century stone barn, near Petworth, Sussex. We can also visit you at home or in your office by appointment.

Conker with Espresso Lining

Navy with Indigo Lining

Lead with Paprika Lining

Walnut with Linen Lining